Live, local channels and streaming video bundled into one great package.


With the AirTV Player from NTS, you can stream your favorite content or watch it live. Bundle the AirTV Player with NTS 250/125 Mbps Fiber Internet to get the best streaming experience available!

Get the AirTV Bundle today!

Up to 250/125 Mbps Fiber Internet

No data caps or overage fees.

AirTV Player Rental

Watch your favorite local channels in HD directly from free over-the-air signals.*

Enjoy all the benefits of an interactive program to see what is playing on each channel.

AirTV Player is 4K Ultra HD capable and works with all the most popular streaming services including Netflix, YouTube, Google Play, Curiosity Stream, FuboTV, PlaystationVue, and more!

*The NTS AirTV Bundle is currently only available in Lubbock and Wolfforth, TX.

Get the AirTV Bundle today! 

It’s time to cut the cord!

With the NTS’ Fast Internet + Local Channels, you will get access to all your favorite local channels over the air for free! Plus, with the AirTV player, you’ll enjoy the sleek and easily searchable program guide with great features like voice command, closed-caption display and find my remote!


Get the AirTV Bundle today! 

Additional AirTV Player Features:

Free Local HD Channels*

With an AirTV Player and Antenna you can get live, local channels in HD for Free!

Learn more about free local channels! 

Interactive Program Guide

The AirTV Player provides you with an interactive program guide for the local channels. With this guide, you can see what is playing live on each channel, view upcoming programming, and set your favorite channels.

Parental Controls

The AirTV Player makes it easier than ever to set parental controls on all of the local channels that you receive from the antenna as well as any streaming video content you may add to the device.

Voice to Text Search from the Remote

With the AirTV Player interface you can easily search and find programming content by using the built in microphone on the remote. Simply click the search icon on the screen and then the microphone button on the remote.

Find my Remote

How many times have you lost your remote control only to find it somewhere between the couch cushions? With the AirTV Player, if you ever lose your remote you can simply push the remote button the the device and the remote will start beeping from wherever it is so that you can easily find it.

Live TV Streaming

Live TV Streaming allows you to watch your favorite channels live, just as you would with your traditional cable TV service.

Learn more about Live TV Streaming!

DVR Service

DVR Service from the AirTV Player is coming soon!

On Demand PPV Rentals

The AirTV Player is an android device and comes standard with the Google Play Store so you can rent popular TV shows and movies with the touch of a button!

Get even more channels!

The AirTV player makes it easier than ever to add additional channels and apps for your streaming entertainment. It comes standard with access to popular apps like Sling TV, Netflix, and the Google Play Store that lets you put all your favorite streaming services in one place. Plus, get the most popular channels from Sling TV for only $25 per month!

Learn more about additional streaming video services!


*Customer-owned antenna required to receive over the air channels for free. HD channel availability varies by area and is dependent upon programmer availability. The AirTV Bundle offer shown above is only available to new residential fiber customers in Lubbock and Wolfforth.