Professional IT support for your home - when you need it.


NTS Home Tech Support Plan is a monthly subscription plan that includes on-demand diagnosis and resolution of computer problems with the installation and configuration of NTS Desktop Support which provides frequent computer health checks, automated fixes (where applicable) and ongoing automated tune-ups to improve computer performance (PC Platform only). Performance enhancements include removing unneeded files and operating system functions that take up memory, hard disk space, and computing power as well as adjusting settings to improve data processing and web surfing speeds. Additionally, the plan will remotely configure a new network or resolve connectivity and configuration issues for an existing wireless network. NTS Home Tech Support provides ongoing support for up to 5 computers in a single household (PC/MAC).

Supported Platforms

  • Windows PC

  • Mac

  • Smartphones and Tablets (Android, iOS and Windows devices)

Coverage Details

Networking support:

  • Connecting unlimited number of computers, smart phones, tablets, TVs, and other WIFI-enabled peripherals to a wireless network.

  • Valid peripherals include wireless printers, network-attached storage, webcams, gaming systems, and scanners.

  • Smartphones and Tablets (Android, iOS and Windows devices)

  • Configuring security and firewall.

  • Set up wireless security encryption using WPA.

  • Setting up file and print sharing over an existing network - This includes allowing sharing of data over a shared network and configuring network printers Installing and configuring a home or office network, including security.

Support for the following computer (PC and Mac) functionality:

  • Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10 and Mac OS 10.5 and above - Includes ensuring the latest patches and updates are installed.

  • Tune Ups of the computer to keep it optimized (PCs only).

  • Diagnosis and removal of viruses, spyware, and other malware.  Configuration of your security software and settings, including antivirus/antispyware and firewall on covered computers.

  • Installing or setting up a new peripheral (including but not exclusive to printer, scanner, MP3 player or digital camera) or repairing driver conflicts.

  • Ensure that Microsoft Word / Excel / PowerPoint launch and run correctly along with providing application installation and launching guidance with these applications. 

  • Ensure that iLife and iWork applications launch and run correctly along with providing application installation and launching guidance with these applications.

  • Microsoft Outlook / Windows Mail/Microsoft Mail/Microsoft Entourage/Mac Mail – This includes ensuring program launches and runs correctly and that the configuration is enabled to send and receive email (user must have access to an active account)

  • Create additional user accounts.

  • Internet Browser including support for Internet Explorer version 6.0 or later, Firefox version 2 or later, Safari, Chrome, Edge and Opera.  Other browsers may not be supported.

  • Assistance with installation, configuration and recovery from Customer’s cloud-based or physical device data backup, excluding providing any backup and storage services.

Support for the following Smartphone and Tablet (iOS and Android) functionality:

  • Configuring WiFi/Bluetooth/USB settings on the mobile device.

  • Configuring email accounts on the mobile device.

  • Configuring Facebook and Twitter settings as well as other common applications

  • Guidance on downloading and installing apps.

  • Guidance on browsing the Internet.

  • Guidance on sending and receiving text/email/multi-media messages.

  • Guidance on use of the phone’s native GPS app.

  • Adjusting program and operating system settings to reduce battery consumption.

  • Deleting unnecessary data.

  • Deleting unnecessary apps.

  • Removing unnecessary WiFi connections that could present a security risk.