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TV Services & Packages

Price Per Month
(unless otherwise specified)

Gold TV $75.99
Standard TV $72.99
Platinum TV $95.99
Premier TV $92.99
Spanish Tier $4.99
Broadcast Fee $10.00
Sports Programming Fee $5.00
Premium Channels  
HBO $18.50
Cinemax $16.50
Showtime $18.50
Starz/Encore $16.50
Any 2 Premiums $32.00
Any 3 Premiums $48.00
All 4 Premiums $62.00
New Release, Adult Movies, Events Varies
High-Speed Internet Services  
75/37 Mbps Fiber Internet $54.99-$74.99**
100/50 Mbps Fiber Internet $69.99-$89.99**
150/75 Mbps Fiber Internet $59.99-$69.99**
200/100 Mbps Fiber Internet $89.99-$124.99**
250/125 Mbps Fiber Internet  $64.99-$74.99**
300/150 Mbps Fiber Internet $149.99
350/175 Mbps Fiber Internet  $69.99-$79.99**
500/250 Mbps Fiber Internet  $79.99
750/300 Mbps Fiber Internet $89.99
1000/300 (1Gig) Mbps Fiber Internet $99.99
Phone Services  
Basic Phone Service $19.99
Unlimited Phone Service $34.99
Additional Basic or Unlimited Phone Service $14.99
Phone Feature Pack (15 calling features) $9.99
Voicemail $3.99
Toll Restriction $4.50
Directory Listing Non-Published $5.50
Equipment & Extras  
SD Digital Receiver $6.99
HD Digital Receiver $8.99
HD/DVR Receiver/Service $19.99
Wireless Router (Rental) $9.99
Wireless Router (Purchase) $90.00/each
Inside Wiring Maintenance $4.99
Unreturned Equipment Fees  
Remote Control $10.00/each
SD or HD Digital Receiver $50.00/each
HD/DVR Receiver $100.00/each
NID Card $1,600.00/each
Installation, Service & Other Charges  
Basic Installation $149.99/One-Time Fee
Account Setup $20.00/One-Time Fee
Wireless Router Setup $15.00/One-Time Fee
Additional Outlet Installation $75.00/each
Single Runs (voice/Cat5/coax) $145.00/each
Dual Runs (voice/Cat5/coax) $175.00/each
Outlet Activation Charge $10.00/each
Repair Charge - 1st Hour $100.00/1st Hour
Repair Charge - Additional 1/4 Hour $25.00/Additional 1/4 Hour
Repair Charge - 1st Hour After Hours $150.00/1st Hour
Repair Charge - Additional 1/4 Hour After Hours $37.50/Additional 1/4 Hour
Trip Charge $75.00/each
Priority Trip Charge $125.00/each
Jack Replacement $10.00/each
Voice/Cat5/Coax Drop Replacement $35.00/each

 Effective January 1, 2019.

Services not available in all areas. Taxes, fees and surcharges may apply and are not included within monthly prices. Certain services are available separately or as part of other levels of service. Programming, pricing, channel locations and packaging may change at any time. Non-standard installations are priced separately. Equipment required for video and High-Speed Internet services. Actual Internet speeds may vary and are not guaranteed. **Some pricing only available in select areas.