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NTS Desktop Support is an automated PC care application that helps your computer to perform at optimal performance through periodic performance and security checks. It provides you with an easy, One-Click remote access to our technical experts from the comfort of your home for troubleshooting and solving computer related issues.


What kind of checks does NTS Desktop Support runs on my computer?

NTS Desktop Support runs Performance and Security related checks on your computer. The following section describers the checks in detail:

Performance: NTS Desktop Support runs following checks on your computer to ensure that it can perform at optimal speed:

  • Junk Clean up: Scans and cleans clutter from subscriber’s computer by removing unwanted and redundant files from Windows Temporary folders, Recycle Bin, and Browser cache.

  • Windows Optimization: Scans and optimizes Windows for better performance by turning off unwanted services and changing required system settings.

  • Hardware Checks: Scans the primary hard disk of the subscriber’s PC for required disk space for optimal performance.

Security: NTS Desktop Support runs a series of security checks to ensure the safety of your computer. The following checks are included:

  • Antivirus status: Scans and reviews the status of installed Antivirus software on your computer. Supports automatic enabling of Real Time Protection service if it is found to be disabled. Identifies if the virus definitions are out-of-date.

  • Antispyware status: Scans and reviews the status of installed Antispyware software on your computer. Supports automatic enabling of Real Time Protection service if it is found to be disabled. Identifies if spyware definitions are out-of-date.

  • Firewall status: Scans and reviews the status of installed Firewall software on your computer. Supports automatic enabling if the firewall is turned off.

  • Windows Update status: Scans and reviews the status of Windows Update service on your computer. Turns ON the Windows Update service if it is found turned OFF. Schedules it to default Windows schedule if it’s not scheduled to download Windows Updates.


How do I open NTS Desktop Support ?

Once you have completed installation, you can open NTS Desktop Support by one of the options below:

  • Double-click the Desktop Support desktop icon

  • Click on Start Menu > Programs > NTS Desktop Support

  • Click on the system tray Desktop Support icon


How can I run NTS Desktop Support to scan and fix my computer problems?

Once you have opened NTS Desktop Support, follow the steps below to run the scan and fix your computer problems:

  • If you are running the application for the first time, NTS Desktop Support will prompt you to start by scanning your computer. Click on the "Scan Now" button on the "Home" page to start the scan.

  • If a scan was performed in past, NTS Desktop Support will present the last scan report with an option to rescan. Click on the "Rescan" button on the "Home" page to start the scan.

  • NTS Desktop Support will run performance and security checks to identify the related issues. It will display the scan results along with corresponding performance and security health ratings.

  • Click on the "Repair" button to repair the identified issues.

  • NTS Desktop Support will auto repair the issues. It will provide you with suggestions for issues that it cannot fix automatically.


How can NTS Desktop Support be scheduled to run automatically?

NTS Desktop Support can be scheduled to auto scan and fix your computer’s performance and security related issues. By default, it is scheduled to run on a weekly basis on every Sunday at 10 PM. However, you can easily change the settings to run on a different day and time of the day. You can schedule the scan to either run on a weekly or monthly basis. You can turn off the schedule scan in case you do not want to do auto scans. Follow the instructions below to modify schedule scan settings:

  • Launch Desktop Support .

  • On the "Home" page look for "Reschedule" link on the upper right hand corner.

  • Click on "Reschedule" link to change the schedule scan settings.

  • You can disable the scheduled scan by unchecking the "Enable Automatic Scan" check box.

  • Choose the scan frequency between "Weekly" and "Monthly".

  • Modify the day and time of scan.

  • Click on "Save" button to update the scheduled scan settings.


How can NTS Desktop Support notify me of scheduled health check scans?

Every time NTS Desktop Support completes a scheduled scan, it will notify you by popping up a small toaster in the system tray icon with short summary status. You can click on the toaster message to see the detailed health scan report.


How can I keep my subscription up-to-date?

NTS Desktop Support helps you manage your support account by providing you with detailed information about your current subscription plan under "My Account" page. You can make changes to your account by clicking on "Edit Account Information" button. The NTS Desktop Support also alerts you if your billing information is not up-to-date or if your credit card is nearing expiry.


How can I contact a technical expert to get live support over phone?

NTS Desktop Support provides One-Click access to you for contacting our Personal Technology Experts. Contacting a Personal Technology Expert is simple. Follow the instructions below:

  • Click on "Get Live Support" page. If you are a subscriber, this will generate a support ticket for you.

  • Call the Personal Technology Expert and provide him with the auto generated ticket id. The Personal Technology Expert will request you to click on "Start Remote Repair" session to prepare your computer for providing remote support.

  • Click on "Start Remote Repair" session. This will bring up a small toolbar on your desktop that will enable our Personal Technology Expert to get remote access of your computer. You can stop the "Remote Repair Session" at any point by disconnecting the session from the toolbar.


How can I provide feedback about NTS Desktop Support ?

You can reach out to us with your comments and feedback about NTS Desktop Support . Click on the "Feedback" button provided at the bottom left corner of the "Home" page. Enter your comments and click on "Submit" button to post your suggestions.



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